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Singing Lessons Nottingham – Are you wanting to learn how to sing?

Here at Julie Donald’s Music School We have been giving vocal lessons and teaching various other instruments/genres of music for over 25 years. We are based in the Carrington/Sherwood area of Nottingham.

If you want to learn how to sing just for fun, enter singing competitions, festivals, sing professionally or get up and belt out a tune at your local open mic or karaoke night then we can help you. We have vast experience in all of these areas.

Singing Lessons Nottingham

Can I Learn To Sing ?

We teach all levels of singing and voice development from complete beginners right through to professional artistes. Whatever your age, experience or ability you can improve your singing voice. We will show you how that with guidance and a vocal coaching you will fully find it.

If you wish to do stage production style singing then please take a look at Music Theatre Lessons.

Singing Lessons Nottingham – All Ages

Singing lessons are available to all ages, we teach?children from the age of 6?upwards right through to mature students. Every singing lesson is individually tailored towards each individual students needs.

What Sort Of Vocal Coaching Do We Teach

We provide singing lessons in pop vocals.

We generally find that when students first take up singing they tend to lack confidence to express themselves fully. Once you start having vocal tuition you will be amazed at how quickly your confidence will grow.

Everybody suffers from a little anxiety and nerves before a performance, we will teach you how to overcome this with vocal and breathing techniques to help you fully achieve your singing goals and ambitions.

You will also be taught performance direction and microphone techniques. If you are performing then you will at some stage be using a microphone, this can be a little daunting if you have never used one before. There are ways and means for a microphone to become your best friend and for it to really enhance your performance.

We have outlets for you to learn stage craft and to sing and perform in Nottingham (dependant upon age), this can be with backing tracks if you wish or, as many of our students do learn how to sing with live musicians using either guitar or piano accompaniment. You can also sing with a full 4 or 5 piece live band.

Examination Boards Used For Singing Lessons In Nottingham

If you wish to take examination grades in singing then the examinations that we offer are pop vocals grade 1 – 8 and onto Diploma level. All examinations are taken through the London College of Music (L.C.M) examination board.

Do I Have To Take Examinations

You do not have to take the examination route if you do not want to, remember singing and singing lessons should first and foremost be fun and enjoyable. If you just want to be able to learn to sing for your own pleasure and build your confidence that is absolutely fine

Singing Lessons Nottingham – Lesson Length

The vocal lessons that we teach are normally for 30 minutes or 1 hour per lesson

Who Will My Singing Lesson Be With

Julie Donald’s Music School works in association with Nottingham Singing Lessons and all vocal tuition will be undertaken by either myself or Paul Laine (vocal coach, professional singer and entertainer) dependant upon vocal lesson slot availabilities.

We do offer a fully competitive pricing structure, if you have any queries or would like to know any further information, then please contact us regarding taking the first step in learning how to sing with singing lessons in Nottingham.

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