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I offer private keyboard lessons in Nottingham. I have been teaching the electronic keyboard for over 25 years and I am based in the Carrington/Sherwood area of Nottingham close to Watcombe Circus.

I teach on a Yamaha keyboard, but I do have a vast knowledge of all makes and models (Roland, Casio, Technics, Kawai and many more) so if you want to learn how to use your own keyboard to its full potential then please bring it along with you to your lessons.

Ages For Learning To Play The Keyboard

If you are in the Nottingham area and you or your children wish to learn to play the keyboard then I teach children from the age of 4 years of age upwards, right through to mature students. All keyboard lessons that I teach are individually tailored to meet each students needs.

Keyboard Lessons In Nottingham Examinations

If you wish to just learn to play the keyboard just for a little enjoyment or leisure play, then that is fine, however for those of you who are wanting to work through the grading system and take keyboard examinations then we can work together towards that. I teach from Grade 1 beginner right through to Diploma level, the examination board that I use is L.C.M (London College of Music). Keyboard examinations take place three times per year.

How Long Are The Lessons

Each keyboard lesson that I teach are normally for 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Nottingham Keyboard Lesson Prices

I do offer a very competitive pricing structure, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you require any further information regarding private keyboard lessons in Nottingham.

What Is A Keyboard

The keyboard is such a versatile instrument which has developed greatly over the past few years. Keyboards differ to pianos in various ways, normally having 5 octaves, up to 61 keys and hundreds of voices and rhythm patterns enabling you to create the sounds of a full band.

The majority of keyboards people tend to buy nowadays are made by Yamaha, Roland or Casio, all tend to have built in speakers unless you are looking at the very top of the range such as the Yamaha Tyros models which have a detachable speaker system.

Many of the newer models of keyboards around today also have microphone inputs on them enabling you to connect a vocal microphone so you are able to sing through them, this is great if you are having that home party. All keyboards tend to have a recording facility on them allowing you to record and build up a performance, many also have USB connectivity for connecting directly to PC or Mac to enable recording through a ‘DAW‘ Digital Audio Workstation such as ‘Cubase’ or ‘Logic’ ‘Studio One’ to name but a few.

For those wishing to learn to play an instrument quickly I personally would say you could learn how to play the keyboard quicker than the playing a piano (just my own opinion). The main difference in learning to play the keyboard instead of the piano is that with your left hand you learn to play chords whereas, with the piano your playing is much more complex as you learn to read and play what music is written in the bass clef on a piece of music which can be complex notation or chords.

Many students after they have been playing the keyboard for a while combine their keyboard lessons with singing lessons to become a better performer. If you wish to learn more about keyboard lessons in Nottingham then please contact me

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