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Are you currently taking GCSE Music at school and feel like you are struggling with a particular aspect or maybe even all of it. Do you need some help and guidance?

I offer private tuition and guidance for GCSE Music in Nottingham (OCR Board). I am based in the Carrington/Sherwood area, easily accessible by car or many local bus routes via Mansfield or Hucknall Road.

The private GCSE Music lessons that I teach are completed over a 1 year period and are ideal for those younger students who wish to get another GCSE qualification before they take their normal GCSE's at school. GCSE lessons are conducted individually and also within a group of students who are taking the exam in the same year. All aspects of the GCSE Music syllabus are covered. 

As well as the private lessons that I teach, If you are taking GCSE Music at school and require any further help, assistance or guidance, I am available on a one to one basis. I am also able to help you with your performances or compositions, maybe some technical help on how to use Sibelius, Logic, Garageband, or Presonus Studio One softwares.

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